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Chilli Pilates

5 Sandridge Park


St Albans

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18:30 - 20:00


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Mobile:  07881291281



The missing link

NeuroKinetic Therapy™  is a corrective movement therapy. By utilising specific muscle tests it allows the practitioner to change movement patterns in the Motor Control Centre (MCC) in the patient's brain.

​An example of such an intervention can be a whiplash injury. After an accident, posterior neck muscles can start bracing for the inactive anterior neck muscles. This can make them constantly tight, painful and can contribute to loss of range of motion in that part of the spine.

After an appropriate treatment protocol has been used the MCC recognizes anterior neck muscles as functional and brings balance to the neck musculature.

This then has to be followed by specific rehab exercise program to reprogram MCC to use a new correct movement pattern.