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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Yesterday I had a client that came to me with a complaint about a strong pain in her lower back and difficulties walking. Her problem started in the morning after doing some weekend housework. She had a history of lower back pains in the past, this including sciatica and spasms of her lumbar spine muscles. After a couple of those incidents and a few GP visits when strong painkillers were prescribed, she was referred for an MRI of her lumbar spine.

Unsurprisingly she had been diagnosed with a slipped disk which then had been blamed for all her issues.

She came to see me because this time she wanted to do something to prevent it from getting worse and forcing her to take strong painkillers again.

First, we did some tests to check if the pain was caused by a ''slipped'' disk - luckily it was not.

We then did an assessment of the position of the pelvis which turned out to be in a correct place.

We followed that with the test to her SI (sacroiliac) joint and BINGO! While checking her right SI joint we found the area that was causing her issue. - Her right SI joint was locked in an anterior position.

We used a technique to bring her SI joint to the correct position by using the motion of her lumbar spine as well as the motion of the lower limbs to facilitate the correction.

After that, she tried to do a few steps and felt some improvement while standing and moving, a couple of minutes later the pain was gone. She was able to walk with no difficulties.

I don't think that a massage treatment to lower back and surrounding areas on it's own would have resolved that issue. This is why at Sports Massage Excellence we use assessment skills and other bodywork techniques in order to find the source of the problem and then treat it.


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