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Opening hours

Chilli Pilates

5 Sandridge Park


St Albans

Monday - Thursday

18:30 - 20:00


10:00 - 20:00


08:00 - 18:00 ​

Contact details

Mobile:  07881291281



Having injured my back and been in a lot of pain, I saw an Osteopath for a number of sessions. This helped a little but did not remove the pain or the problem, which became really embedded over several months. Then I was recommended to Bart. Having now had a number of treatments with him I am no longer in pain and am far more mobile and flexible. I cannot recommend Bart too highly and I plan to have regular treatments with him for general health and wellbeing.


Bart is able to work deeply into the muscles and fascia to release pain. He does not have a set program of massage for everyone, but customises his treatments to the needs of each individual - so you can select the areas of your body which need special attention. The next morning I felt great - no pain in my shoulders or other areas of my body that previously troubled me. Also, I felt very cared for during the massage and will certainly have more treatments with Bart when I am in the country again.


"Bart certainly excels in his field. He is very well qualified, has truly healing hands, and his degree in Physiotherapy enhances the effectiveness of his work. His treatments get right to the root of a problem, and after my first treatment with him it was clear that I had really ‘struck gold’! I have no hesitation in recommending him"


Over the years I have had a great deal of massage, and this is the best massage ever! Also a trained physiotherapist, Bart understands the problems I have with my back. He is extremely good at massage and intuitively seems to know what I need. After treatment, I feel incredibly comfortable, pain free and supple.

I highly recommend him.

— JL